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  • Kensington, London

    5 best places to go when your’e in Kensington: Victoria and Albert Museum– A museum full of exquisite things, this museum has 5,000 years of decorative arts from Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa. The Victoria and Albert museum has some of the world’s finest collections of jewellery, ironwork, costumes, sculpture, ceramics, silver, glassContinue reading “Kensington, London”

  • Chelsea, London

    Here are 5 top things to do when your’e in Chelsea: Shopping– The place to start in Chelsea is the shops. These is one of London’s most fashionable places. Duke of York Square is home to one of Europe’s largest Zara stores and other top brands, such as Banana Republic and All Saints. Antiques– The shopping isn’t limited toContinue reading “Chelsea, London”

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